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That One Thing: Beecher's

By Lotuff Leather

Most things are just better when they’re made well. Beecher’s is one of those companies who understands this philosophy, and thanks to that, the artisan cheese they create is out-of-this-world good. Employing a process that’s as selective and painstaking as creating a Lotuff bag, Beecher’s has been making the best of the best since 2003 and thankfully shows no sign of slowing down.

I recently visited Beecher’s Flatiron location and was seriously impressed by both the space and the offerings. Seeing some of the products being made upstairs before heading downstairs and actually trying them is an unusually full-circle experience that sets them apart from the rest- and besides that, who doesn’t love an amazing cheese plate? Beecher’s has some great ones, but their balsamic mushroom fennel mac and cheese and chickpea-cucumber octopus are equally strong menu contenders. In summary: there’s no way to leave here disappointed (or without taking home some of their Flagship cheese, just because). 

Photos via Marissa Nguyen and Serious Eats