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That One Thing: British Motorcar Festival

By Lotuff Leather

The British Motorcar Festival is an annual event taking place in the quiet waterfront town of Bristol, Rhode Island. Each year, hordes of British class cars line themselves up by color on a grassy waterfront expanse, where they wait under the sun to be voted on by judges and to be admired by onlookers.

This is one of only two events in the entire United States to bring vintage British automobiles, their owners, and enthusiasts together for a Concours d’Elegance, so it’s really special for Rhode Island to be a part of this niche weekend gathering. In addition to the concours, some of the cars are even available for purchase for those luxury-seeking individuals who have the means to do so.

Some of the many cars shown at the Festival this year, aside from the Austin-Healeys and the MGs, were the Triumphs, which share a name with one of our own briefcases. These cars are no longer produced as of the 1980s, but their timeless appeal continues to endure thanks in part to this show, and that’s why we love it. Reviving an appreciation for the past in an entertaining and community-building manner, the British Motorcar Festival makes us happy to be Rhode Islanders.