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That One Thing: Clearaudio Ovation Turntable

By Lotuff Leather

There is music — some of the greatest in my opinion — that is best consumed as vinyl.  And when it’s played on a Saturday evening with friends at your home, for example, there’s a comfort that can be conveyed from the sound of a turntable's needle dropping down onto the record’s surface.

Clear Audio’s Ovation Turntable can only be described as beautiful, pure, minimalistic, and technically and painstakingly precise. So whether your preferred artist is Gershwin or Berlin, Ella or Louis, Neil Young or Jack White, there is something to be said for a quality that can only be experienced with a player like Ovation. Its thoughtful design approach reminds me, somehow, of a classic Volvo. 

There is a raw beauty present when timeless vocals and instrumentation are accented by a needle’s quiet crackle. The uncorrected nature of this sound, much like a hide of our natural, vegetable tanned leather, is somehow superior and more perfect in its original form than anything that might be digitally corrected or remastered. 

Last but not least, Ovation ensures that music played on this turntable is only ever to be consumed as the artist intended with the succession of each and every song considered— the real genius of it all.  So, here’s to preserving a quality that never goes out of style.