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That One Thing: Elizabeth Suzann

By Lotuff Leather

For the past few years, Elizabeth Suzann has been making gorgeously simple clothing down in Nashville with a philosophy that’s as commendable as the pieces themselves. Designer and founder Elizabeth Pape formed this collection on the basis of thoughtfulness, simplicity, “dislike for excess and desire for quality”; in other words, these are lovingly made pieces for the ages that reflect an exemplary value of quality and wearability.

Operating out of a bright design studio that’s further illuminated by high ceilings, photos, and potted foliage, the artisans of Elizabeth Suzann create these beautiful items using one of eight scrupulously chosen fabrics that range from cotton to linen and alpaca. Every piece they’re used to construct is intentionally crafted to epitomize timelessness, as Pape is justly of the mind that a good wardrobe is one which never needs replacing and will remain relevant no matter the season or year. There’s an intuitive elegance in all her designs- in an industry where authenticity can sometimes be hard to find, hers is welcome and valuable.

I just ordered the Clyde Work Pant and accompanying Georgia Tee from Elizabeth Suzann, and the great story behind this brand makes me that much more excited for them to be completed. What Elizabeth Suzann is doing for clothes in Nashville mirrors what we do for bags in Providence, with a strong American-made narrative and artisan-made product. I love how interesting simple essentials like these can prove themselves to be, and the work this company is doing only serves to reinforce the idea that basic is often better.