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That One Thing: Hasami Porcelain

By Lotuff Leather

Hasami is known for being the first city in Japan to make porcelain goods available to the general populace. Appropriately, Tortoise General Store owner Taku Shinomoto chose this moniker as the title of his latest venture, designing dinnerware and tea sets that “integrate tradition and modernity”. 

In keeping with said tradition, every piece is made over in Japan by conscientious potters who have proved their ability to maintain the exact same lines and well-defined shapes from piece to piece. Hasami’s line is characterized by a sense of clean yet unique uniformity, and the work of these artisans certainly proves that to be true. 

What I love most about the Hasami Porcelain collection is the super minimal aesthetic and the muted earth tones of the glazes. You can have a group of all matching or all mixed glazes, and no matter what, they’ll look great together. And, because they’re so pragmatic and designed as a modular system so they can stack and nest perfectly with each other, there’s no reason not to have the whole set anyway.