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That One Thing: Four Elements Himalayan Salt Cave

By Lotuff Leather

Himalayan salt has long been trending in the culinary world. It’s pure, mineral-rich and has an appealingly rosy hue that sets it apart from everyday table salt. But why should restaurants get to have all the fun? Halotherapy, as it’s called, is a European practice that dates back hundreds of years and has recently seen a popularity surge over here in American spas. It's based on the idea that because trace elements present in Himalayan salt are the same as those within the human body, breathing in its vapors can effectively clear the mind, skin and respiratory system. Holistic wellness advocates are all about it, and with more and more salt therapy treatments appearing every year, it seems just about everyone else has caught on too.  

New England only has three salt caves, and one of those three is just one state over from the Lotuff studio. Four Elements opened their Westport, Massachusetts cave last May after sourcing six tons of salt from Pakistani mines along the Himalayan mountain range. The entire space—ceilings, walls, and floors—is covered in the crystals. Glowing salt lamps, zero-gravity chairs, and mildly cool air (don’t worry, there’s blankets) round it out for a totally entrancing experience that’s as immersive as it is restorative. 

When I first heard about Himalayan salt therapy, I have to admit I was a little skeptical. But I’ve been going to Four Elements for years, so when I heard they’d opened their own cave I was also a little intrigued. Months later, I finally got around to trying it out—better late than never! Inside, phones aren’t allowed, talking is limited to whispers and meditation is encouraged; basically, the 45 minutes I spent in the salt cave were some of the quietest and most reflective waking moments of my life. Being surrounded by wall-to-wall millennial pink didn’t hurt either. And, upon exiting into the spa, the sore throat I’d had for two days? Gone.