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That One Thing: Lady Freeman Rain Jacket

By Lotuff Leather

Seattle is famous for its habitually inclement weather, so it’s no surprise that many of its inhabitants are often on the lookout for the perfect rain jacket to shield them from the storms. One couple in particular, though, took matters into their own hands after realizing the kind of jacket they were seeking — stylish, yet practical — just didn’t exist. Out of this realization, Freeman was born, and the search screeched to a welcome halt. 

While the couple in question, Brittany and Scott Freeman, had never tackled a project like this before, they buckled down in their own kitchen to create the first Freeman rain jacket because they truly wanted everything to be done personally and locally. Six years later, the company is going strong and still upholding their commitment to all-American manufacturing, something I find admirable. 

For this reason, I’m after the Lady Freeman jacket in red. The quality of this piece, the caliber of its material, and the extra touches like its extra layer of fabric lining really appeal to me, and I love the brand’s mission. To me, the fact that these people ended up doing what they do today is because they saw a void and took it upon themselves to fill it instead of waiting around for someone else to act is remarkable. Freeman’s creations are beautiful, and I’m hopeful that the next time I visit Seattle, I’ll have this jacket by my side.

 All photos courtesy of Freeman Seattle