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That One Thing: Merci Linen Basics

By Lotuff Leather

A Paris-based concept store with a philosophy that’s just as appealing as its products, Merci is a company that truly lives up to its name. The catalyst for its creation? Bernand and Marie-France Cohen sought to bring a collection of luxury goods to quality-seeking customers, but also didn’t want to forget about those at the other end of the spectrum. As a result, all of Merci’s proceeds not needed for store upkeep go straight towards getting disadvantaged individuals in Madagascar back on their feet.

The backstory is enough reason on its own to visit this store, but it helps that the items Merci carries — everything from clothing to furniture and ceramics — are all wonderfully curated, creating a perfect blend of whimsy and classicality. Visit in person, and there’s also a used book café, vegetable gardens, and an adorable red Fiat 500 permanently parked outside the entrance to further boost the genial mood. 

Out of all that they sell, my favorite has to be Merci’s basic linen collection. The European linen they use has a pure, bright feel to it, and I had to take home a few pieces the last time I was in Paris. The linen aprons, sheets, and duvet covers were at the top of my list, but the collection also includes towels, bags, and even more. An awesome product experience that gives back to others? Merci, indeed.