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That One Thing: Moon Juice

By Lotuff Leather

Pair a formally trained chef with a desire for better living, and you get Moon Juice. For just over six years now, owner Amanda Chantal Bacon has been expanding on her staggering array of plant-based supplements in the hopes of bringing a healthier lifestyle to those who seek it- and if her recent storefront additions are any indication, the seekers are many. 

Across the three Venice, Silver Lake, and Melrose locations, Moon Juice offers everything from raw, cold-pressed juices to chai lattes besprinkled with one of six Moon Dusts. What exactly is Moon Dust? Similar in appearance to a protein powder, it’s an organic mineral-and-plant powder that’s meant to be blended into smoothies or teas for detoxifying and stress-relieving effects. Local enthusiasts swear by it, and on my last visit to California I finally got to have the full experience for myself. 

I first started using Moon Juice when I got back from a trip to Bali last year; feeling like I wanted to keep on the method of putting good things into my body, these products seemed like the perfect way to do so. As with our bags, I like that Moon Juice only uses the highest-quality, purest elements, so it was really great to actually have the chance to visit one of their LA stores and see what they do. It’s the best kind of one-stop shop for natural products, and I love that what they sell is plant-based and sourced from the earth: everything in its most natural state.