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That One Thing: Norse Projects Bomber Jacket

By Lotuff Leather

I'm a creature of the cold, so the second the temperature is over 80 degrees for more than three days straight, my mind starts stirring toward sartorial plans for fall. It's a bit of wishful thinking on my part, combined with a constant restlessness that makes me already begin planning out my fall must-haves. 

I've had a Barbour jacket since my last year of college, so I'm looking to finally mix it up a bit once September's cooler weather rolls around again. After shopping for a nylon bomber jacket, I’ve settled on the Norse Projects Ryan ripstop bomber.  

A Copenhagen-based brand centered around functionality and utilitarian, long-wearing pieces, Norse Projects delivers a streamlined and simple design of a classic bomber in a perfectly toned navy. It's what I've come to expect from a Danish company that expresses those moody cold-weather Scandanavian vibes so well, and I have a feeling this jacket will be with me for many seasons to come. 

All photos courtesy of J. Crew and Norse Projects.