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That One Thing: R Form Studio

By Lotuff Leather

Co-owned by one of Lotuff’s very own artisans, Chloe Wessner, R Form Studio is a handmade jewelry line with a strong emphasis on “subtly unique design and thoughtful engineering”. Since 2013, R Form has been creating contemporary, smart items that are unlike anything else out there, rendered even more special due to the fact that most are one-of-a-kind. All their jewelry is unique enough to stand out without deferring to a stylistic mold or being ostentatious; the craftsmanship and delicate innovation is what shines through in every piece. 


Much like Lotuff, Chloe does all the work in her own studio, and so I love being able to support the enterprise of one of our own who shares a commitment to exquisite quality and the handmade in America's Creative Capital, Providence RI. The R Form earrings I own — a made-to-order set called Juliet’s Orb, which can be reserved here — are a testament to the aforementioned unique quality of this collection: every single time I’ve worn these, most recently at Providence’s own Trinity Repertory theatre, strangers have approached to ask where they’re from. I love silver and effortlessly soft, curved silhouettes, and these mother-of-pearl earrings exactly embody these characteristics. They’re a stunning example of the work that R Form Studio does, which is to make the smallest, most pure and simple pieces seem ethereal for their shape and rare artistry.