The Departure: Aix-en-Provence

By Lotuff Leather

There aren’t many places in the world more enchanting and luminous than Aix-en-Provence, France. Known for its collectively golden-hued buildings, artistic heritage, and sprawling open-air markets, it’s one of those little cities whose inexplicable charm sticks around long after setting off for another location. 

Begin at the Place des Cardeurs, a bright and open square whose perimeter contains plenty of cafés and brasseries. It’s also the perfect place to stop for an outdoor dinner later on, as many restaurants extend their seating out into the square itself when the weather permits (which it usually always does). Try the chèvre chaud at Papagayo; this vinaigrette-dressed salad topped with broiled goat cheese, bread, and potatoes warms up any chilly autumn evening. 

On the other side of the city, step inside the decidedly aged but nonetheless noteworthy Foundation Vasarely. A museum dedicated to the founder of the op art movement, its hexagonal-shaped rooms are full of kaleidoscopic, larger-than-life tapestries and sculpture. But before all that, don’t forget about those markets, which close down in the early afternoon. Nearly anything can be found amidst the winding trails of stalls and trucks: Provençal lavender, farm-fresh produce and cheese, colorful blooms, antiques… the delightful list goes on.

Bring our Mini Sling in ochre, and it'll fit your market findings while you fit right in with the Aixoise architecture.

-Liz Silvia