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The Departure: Sanur and Uluwatu

By Lotuff Leather

As our four-part Bali series comes to an end, read on for the conclusion to our creative director Lindy's travels and see which places she recommends visiting before taking off for the long plane ride home. 

Photo via Power of Now Yoga Oasis

There naturally has to be a yoga break somewhere along the way in Sanur, and Lindy found Power of Now Oasis to be the best and most memorable. Located in a two-story bamboo structure that’s right on the beach, there’s no place more ideal or tranquil for a class. It’s completely open to the outdoors, and while all the classes are taught on its upper level, the ground floor has its perks: there, an organic juice and tea bar can be found along with a library and music room. “Heaven” is definitely an understatement, but if that wasn’t enough of a repose, try Jamu Traditional Spa. They offer over twenty different scrubs, wraps, and massages employing techniques passed down from generation to generation, and Lindy may have spent enough time there to get through at least half!

The last must-try in Sanur is luwak coffee, the most expensive - and arguably the best - caffeinated indulgence in the world. Made from coffee berries that have been partially digested by a small, catlike native animal called the Asian palm civet, luwak coffee has a unique, earthy flavor that’s unrivaled by any other. Although the process by which the beans are garnered is highly unconventional, Lindy visited a luwak plantation where she got to learn how to roast this special coffee before tasting it herself; she assures us it’s completely aperitive, absolutely worth every weird and wonderful attribute. 

Finally, there’s Uluwatu. In keeping with the beach trend, try some surfing lessons off the shores of Balangan Beach before returning to the nearby La Joya Villas, the resort Lindy says is the best for its proximity to the ocean and absolutely stunning, village-like ambience with gorgeous views. Cashew Tree is the perfect lunch spot and is luckily located nearby, so drop in and cool off with light local fare accompanied by an organic juice or smoothie. 

Later on, move along to Sundana at the Four Seasons. Lindy alleges it has the most incredible bar in Uluwatu and stresses that it has to be seen during a visit, maybe before taking a seat for the necessary grand finale of any trip to Bali: the Kecak sunset dance. Kecak, a traditional Balinese storytelling dance characterized by animalistic movements and the use of fire, is unique to Uluwatu, and spellbinding to watch. This was, in fact, the last thing Lindy did before hopping on a late-night flight for the long ride back home. What could be better than a musical sunset performance replete with drama and hypnotizing visuals, all with the Indian Ocean as a backdrop, as an end to a voyage through one of the most dazzling places in the world? 

-Liz Silvia