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The Departure: Washington, D.C.

By Lotuff Leather

Photo via The Observer

It’s not just the site of a million middle school field trips anymore. In recent years, Washington, D.C. has become a true destination for travelers of all kinds: the foodie, the historian, the sightseer, and so on. Even its quintessential museums are more numerous and varied than ever before- from the newly opened National Museum of African American History and Culture to the under-the-radar Phillips Collection, anyone can find something to appreciate. 

Photo via SHF Wire

With that being said, start at one of those museums. The Phillips is the oldest modern art museum in the country with pieces from Renoir, O’Keeffe and Klee situated amongst work from newer artists. Or, try the Freer and Sackler Galleries, largely underground spaces that house Asian art of all kinds, including large-scale tapestries and architecture. 

Photo via Happy City DC

Move on to 14th Street, which is the setting of Barcelona Wine Bar. It’s without question the best tapas restaurant in all of D.C. — the patatas bravas and croquettes are proof of that — but most memorable of all is their year-round streetside patio with heat lamps and fluffy blankets on every seat to stave off the cold. Just around the corner on U Street, head to The Gibson next to round out the evening. It’s a beautifully lit, well-hidden bar that’s much bigger than it looks and has wonderfully crafted drinks, constituting the perfect end to the day. 

Bring our Triumph Briefcase along for the ride; its classy silhouette and easy-to-carry structure will make it a great piece to carry from museum to bar. 

-Liz Silvia