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The Modus Operandi: Assembling the Mini Sling

By Lotuff Leather

Assembly is one of the most unique stages in the making of a Lotuff bag, as it’s the only one a bag returns to for different reasons over the course of its creation. Whether it’s sorting pieces of leather by weight, installing hardware, or reinforcing the shape of a given piece, assembly is the partner to stitching for the reason that it helps put everything together. Working towards forming the silhouette of a Lotuff bag is an important task, and today, our electric blue Mini Slings are having their side collars and buckles assembled and attached. 

Assembling the Lotuff Leather Mini Sling backpack in electric blue

The Mini Sling looks like a simple bag, and in some ways it is compared to our more complicated pieces like the Tripp handbag or Triumph briefcase. But there’s a reason it has that characteristic symmetrical, smooth appearance, and it’s partly thanks to assembly. If it weren’t for the care taken here to establish that each bag is as balanced as it should be, the Mini Sling wouldn’t transform from backpack to tote quite so easily as it does. 

Assembling the Lotuff Leather Mini Sling backpack in electric blue

By painstakingly measuring every piece before securing it all into place for stitching, the artisans at the assembly station guarantee that nothing is mislaid by even a fraction of an inch. Now that the framework has been set down, these Mini Slings can go on to their next stage- and after everything is said and done, there’ll be a beautiful work of art to show for all this effort. 


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