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The Modus Operandi: Closing the Mini Luna

By Lotuff Leather

 As the very last step in the physical creation of a Lotuff bag, it might seem that closing would be a quick and easy action. However, it’s actually the most difficult part of the process: closing is all about putting the finishing touches on the bag’s stitching and bringing its design together in a way that serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose. 

On the Mini Luna, two five-thread edge wraps are added, and the last visible stitches are sewn onto the exterior. Strictly speaking, the bag is technically finished before it reaches this point due to having already been glued, buffed, and painted, but why not take the opportunity to make it look even better and be even stronger?

Closing a bag is made additionally tough by the pressure to superlatively complete the piece and not negate all the hard work done by everyone else. Once it’s done, though, there’s a huge sense of accomplishment at knowing the bag is finally ready to be given a final polish and sent out to its new owner.

And with that, this run of Mini Lunas is now complete- check back next week to see what else we’re doing in the studio.