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The Modus Operandi: Cutting the American Alligator Tripp Handbag

By Lotuff Leather

We’re making a really special bag in the studio this week: the black Alligator Tripp. Rare pieces like this come through the studio once in a blue moon, meaning that it’s always exciting to see them being created, finished, and sent on their way to their lucky new owners. 

The Tripp is a complicated bag to make in the first place, as it consists of almost 40 pieces of leather despite its small size. Add the fact that this one is made of American-sourced alligator hide, and it becomes even more difficult. Our talented artisans know exactly what they’re doing, however, and so all that’s required is a bit of extra attention from the first stage to the last.

Today, this remarkable Tripp is being cut, and there are some unique considerations that go along with this step: since an alligator hide is much more delicate than our usual leather, more care is needed to smooth it out and ensure there are no ridges and hills as it’s being cut. It’s also much smaller, so there’s no room for error as every inch of the hide must be conserved for a specific piece of the bag. After this meticulous act is finished, the American Alligator Tripp will move on to its next station.