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The Modus Operandi: Finishing the Bridle Triumph II Briefcase

By Lotuff Leather

Today, we’re finishing the very first round of our new Bridle Triumph II Briefcases in the studio. As with its forerunner the Triumph, this piece is one of the most complicated bags we make, with a lengthy process leading up to its conclusion. Cut using over twenty dies that result in over sixty pieces of leather to be ground, buffed, and sewn, these Triumph II’s have passed through a lot of hands to reach where they are right now.

Finishing the Lotuff Leather Bridle Triumph II Briefcase

Bridle leather is thicker and more particular than a regular hide, so the Triumph II needs to be given the utmost level of attention in order to attain a perfect appearance. Most of the briefcase’s finishing stitches even have to be done painstakingly using the hand wheel because its layers are so dense; the machine’s fast automatic movements just can’t be counted on to achieve the level of uniformity we strive for where bridle leather is concerned. Slow and steady definitely wins the race here!

Finishing the Lotuff Leather Bridle Triumph II Briefcase

Now that all the stitching is done, all that’s left is to turn and burn the edges of the thread left over and to add each briefcase’s hardware over in assembly. Then, they’ll be given one last polish with our leather elixir to bring out the bridle leather’s unparalleled shine, awaiting their lucky new owners. 


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