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The Modus Operandi: Stitching the Mini Sling

By Lotuff Leather

After being assembled last week, this round of Mini Slings has migrated over to stitching. Reinforcing what’s been done in assembly, the artisans here at this station are sewing the sides and bottom of each bag into place, bringing it all together and literally adding dimension so that finishing touches like straps can later be applied. 

stitching the Lotuff Leather Mini Sling in electric blue

The Mini Sling is a piece that relies heavily on smooth appearance and movement, and its stitching needs to reflect that— one line out of place, and that perfection is marred. Our artisans never use a guide (the result of classical training and innate attention to detail), and execute little feats like doubling back into already-stitched holes to reinforce areas of strain. In short? Every bag is made with care, and it shows in the details. 

Lotuff Leather Mini Sling in electric blue

Once all these Mini Slings have been flawlessly and expertly stitched, they’ll head back to assembly for their final touches and be that much closer to completion. 


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