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The Modus Operandi: Stitching the No. 12 Leather Tote

By Lotuff Leather

As the step that first begins to give a Lotuff bag its shape, stitching is an important act that requires a great deal of training and precision. This week, we’re stitching our first round of the No. 12 Leather Tote, a structured and streamlined bag that’s made to function as both a handbag and substitute briefcase. These characteristics are determined in part by the tote’s stitching; if any stitches are out of place or uneven, the whole shape could be thrown off.  

A bag’s stitching is also one of the first things a person tends to notice, so overall, it’s crucial that our artisans know exactly what they’re doing—and they do! They don’t work with a pattern or guide, which makes this all the more impressive. Whether they’re using the machine, completing stitches by hand, or tying knots that will later be turned and burned, every move is calculated and expertly carried out so as to avoid any potential mistakes.

As you can see, the No. 12 Totes are at different production stages depending upon color. Some, like the electric blue, are just about finished and are making their final passes under the sewing machine, while others, like the saddle tan, have yet to be assembled and are still having their smaller pieces stitched. Check back next week to find out what’s next in the studio for these gorgeous totes!


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