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The Weekender: 06.24.16

By Lotuff Leather

Ripley Rules: The sartorial guidelines for a European sojourn, extracted from the suspenseful scenes of The Talented Mr. Ripley. | Man Repeller |

Deserted City: Designer Anton Repponen has digitally placed iconic NYC buildings in the middle of deserts and wastelands, hoping to convey a sense of "absurdity, mystery, and humor". | The Guardian |

Walk on Water: In a new art installation, an Italian lake has been covered in undulating "floating piers", inviting all to wander its almost two-mile-long paths. | Design Week

Such a Lovely Place: SoHo's new 11 Howard Hotel offers a community-oriented edge, with a giant mural on its side speaking to the neighborhood's diversity and a partnership with the Global Poverty Project. | Cool Hunting