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Miles & Miles: Late Fall in Paris

November 14, 2015: We were stunned and saddened to hear about the awful events that took place in Paris on the evening of November 13th. Paris is a city dear to us: its beauty, people, and culture a constant inspiration, and the setting for our fall 2015 look book. The people of Paris are deeply in our thoughts as they begin to heal and find peace, and we're always reminded about what makes Paris such a beautiful, special, and prominent place for millions around the world: 

Sarah and Stefaan of Miles & Miles have spent the past few years traversing locales as diverse as Melbourne and Marfa, Tulum and Tanzania, Reykjavic and Rhode Island. This fall, they arrived in Paris to roam the city with Lotuff bags in tow.


Fall in Paris is a special time. The oppressive humidity of a European summer has subsided, and it's not frigid enough for Parisians, clad in overcoats and cashmere scarves, to be frozen to the core and in search of the closest candlelit bistro to escape the cold. 

Instead, the city invites one to become a flaneur--a Parisian who strolls the wide boulevards and narrow side streets with no particular purpose in mind. The flaneur can roam any time of day, watching shopkeepers embrace the first signs of morning life or late-night revelers enjoy the city's storied bars and clubs.

The pair channeled their inner flaneuse and flaneur as they explored Paris. Flower shops with the countryside's bounty, cafes with freshly baked pastries, and courtyards with ornate, inviting doors all pulled them in as they criss-crossed the city's many arrondissements