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Best Stuff at GQ

This past week, GQ named our No. 12 Leather Weekender Bag one of the best duffles of 2017. Any bag can be considered "good" as long as it serves its basic purpose, but they argue ours is deserving of a higher title because its design and craftsmanship place the No. 12 in a class all its own. Their analysis is wonderfully detailed and highlights all the qualities we seek to project in this bag- here are the qualities they believe make it a standout.

∙ Its sleek, rectangular-yet-rounded shape that makes it easy to carry in-hand or over the shoulder

∙ The thoughtfully chosen vegetable-tanned leather whose longevity is guaranteed for years of traveling and adventures

∙ Details like the extended solid-brass zipper and handles that are doubly stitched and riveted for reinforcement

∙ The investment value that makes this bag "actually worth the money" for the years of use it's bound to see

Thanks to all this, GQ compares the No. 12 to a favorite song that constantly presents itself with "amazing new nuances" following each listen (or use, in this case). We're proud to have inspired such a complimentary piece of writing- read The Best Leather Duffel Bags of 2017.