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Leather Knapsack


Saddle Tan

We can emboss your initials on your new Lotuff piece to make it truly your own. Please write in the order of your first initial, middle, and last initials. If you’d like, you can forego a middle initial. Each letter is capitalized and in the same size and font. A monogram adds $50 to your order. Provided the item you order is in stock, there is no added lead time if you opt for the monogram.



Product Details

  • Fully leather classic flap-over backpack design. 
  • Approximate Weight: 4.3 lbs
  • Hand-selected, tumbled, vegetable-tanned leather. Learn more.
  • Adjustable front loop closure.
  • Adjustable back straps with continuous loop. 
  • Interior zipper pocket. 
  • Interior pockets for keys and pens. 
  • Zippered exterior security pocket on back of bag for storage of valuables, computer, or tablet.
  • Exterior card slot on back for safe storage and easy access for subway pass, credit card, cash, etc. 
  • Two exterior front pockets (7 1/2" h x 6 1/2" w) 
  • Top loop strap for hand carry. 
  • Solid-brass YKK-Excella zippers.
  • Solid-brass hardware. 
  • Handcrafted in New England.


Height 15.00 inches

Width 12.50 inches

Depth 6.00 inches

Product Information

The Leather Knapsack brings together elements of a functional, rugged knapsack with those of a refined, classically Lotuff piece. Travel and work were top of mind when designing this bag, resulting in a spacious, functional interior with a zippered drop pocket and slots for your cards and phone. 

On the bag's back exterior, you'll find both a zipper pocket for safeguarding valuable possessions and a small card slot for safe storage and easy access for a subway card or credit card. 

A solid brass hook on the flap attaches to the body of the bag, in between two easily accessible pockets, and an adjustable buckle cinch at the top of the bag 

An unlined interior keeps the bag light and easy to carry, and the shoulder straps are clean, continuous loops, meaning there are no pesky strap ends that poke out. 




The monogram on the Leather Knapsack is subtly placed on the interior flap of the bag, visible only when the front flap is raised. The font is Times New Roman and stands about 1/2" in height. You have an option of a deboss (first two photos) or a gold foil (second two photos). 

By request, we can put the monogram on the exterior flap of the bag--directly above the swivel hook and tab--so it is outwardly visible when the bag is being carried. Please make note if you'd like this placement in your order notes.


Black: In Stock, Ready to Ship

Chestnut: Pre-Order for 4 to 6 week Delivery

Chocolate: Pre-Order for 4 to 6 week Delivery

Green: In Stock, Ready to Ship! 

Indigo: Pre-Order for 4 to 6 week Delivery

Elephant: LOW STOCK, Order Now To Ensure Availability

Olive: In Stock, Ready to Ship!

Camel: In Stock, Ready to Ship!

Cordovan: Pre-Order for 4 to 6 week Delivery

Saddle Tan: LOW STOCK, Order Now To Ensure Availability


Receive a complimentary set of leather swatches to see the color and feel of our vegetable-tanned leather in person.

Request Swatches
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bobby Kim
Pure Understated Beauty

I debated for two years which of the three Lotuff backpacks I would want to grow old with. For me, the Leather Zipper Backpack is too youthful, and the Leather Backpack is more serious than my wardrobe could support. The Knapsack is my Goldilocks bag, just right for me.
My Lotuff experience began with requesting their leather swatches, which I highly recommend doing. You get to see up close the various textures and thicknesses and how the leather responds when you manipulate the samples with your fingers, all of which help you imagine how a Lotuff bag might age over time. I also ordered leather swatches from other bag makers to compare, and quickly concluded that Lotuff leather is superior.
I finally committed to the Knapsack in Chocolate. This bag (as I imagine every other Lotuff bag is) is pure understated beauty. This bag is elegant and polished, yet modest and down-to-earth. It's not the largest or most versatile backpack I've had, but that's not why I purchased this. I wanted more beauty in my life, something that will make me beam with pride each time I touch it. This bag clearly was an emotional purchase for me, and I have no regrets other than how long I waited to buy this.
I've had it now for just two weeks, and with each passing day I get more excited to use it. I want to take this bag everywhere--travelling, daily commuting, farmers' markets--and watch it age with me.
If only my own skin would develop the beautiful patina I expect this bag to take on over time.

Stacey Strovink
Worth it!

I bought this bag around March/April of 2019 after a few months of trying to figure out if I wanted to spend almost a grand on a backpack -- definitely the most I've ever spent on any kind of bag. About 8 months later and I still use it every day and it still looks amazing. There's definitely some wear, as expected for any kind of product like this, but that doesn't take away from how nice it looks at all. I've taken this on road trips to the beach and it's handled everything I've thrown at and into it. This is the perfect bag to use for going to work because it's so beautiful, but also just using every day as well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a high quality leather bag that will last.

Beautiful Bag

I picked chestnut and the color is beautiful. This bag is functional, versatile and beautiful. The strap design is great. All is simple and elegant.

Erik Olea
Gorgeous Backpack

I had my eye on this piece for months until I decided to pull the trigger and purchase it. 100% no regrets. The bag is so beautifully crafted, you can tell whoever made it took real pride in their work. The attention to detail is spot on. I can't wait to use it everyday! And the entire process from order to delivery was so smooth and efficient. Everybody on the Lotuff team was so attentive and responsive. They even accommodated my request to select a smoother leather texture for my piece. Thanks so much Lotuff! I have my eye on that duffle bag next!

Veronica Venegas
Worth the wait

Oh my gosh, this bag is absolutely beautiful. I had to cancel my original order earlier this year because it wasn't able to be delivered in a timely manner. I was so sad. Then I receive an email from Greg Moniz this month (December 11, 2019).

Greg reached out to let me know that they finished a batch and had two left that were unsold. Instead of just posting the bags for sale, he reached out to me first to give me an opportunity to purchase it myself. Greg was so incredibly helpful and understanding of my circumstances. He truly went above and beyond. I finalized my order on December 11th and received it today December 16th!

This chocolate knapsack is so gorgeous and definitely worth the wait. It is such beautiful craftsmanship. The color is so rich. I can tell this bag is going to last me a lifetime. From the moment I opened my bag, I was in love. I will use this bag with pride.

The quality at Lotuff is second to none. You can tell they take pride in their work. If this isn't reason enough, the customer service is phenomenal. You will not regret your decision. If the price tag is giving you hesitation, know that you are definitely getting your money's worth. This bag is built to last. I fully intend to hand this down as a family heirloom.

Thank you so much Greg! You made this a truly magical holiday.