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Leather Credit Card Wallet


Saddle Tan
Electric Blue
Pop Red

We can emboss your initials on your new Lotuff piece to make it truly your own. Please write in the order of your first initial, middle, and last initials. If you’d like, you can forego a middle initial. Each letter is capitalized and in the same size and font. A monogram adds $50 to your order. Provided the item you order is in stock, there is no added lead time if you opt for the monogram.

Product Information

Distinguished by a design that folds leather back upon itself to create an interior finish equal to the exterior, our Credit Card Wallet holds up to three cards in each slot and still allows room for a few bills in the center pocket.

It is small enough to discreetly ride in your hip pocket when you only need the essentials. 


Height 3.00 inches

Width 4.00 inches

Depth 0.25 inches

Product Details




The monogram on the Credit Card Wallet is subtly placed on the bottom right of the piece. The font is Times New Roman and stands about 1/4" in height. 



Black: Pre-Order for 1 to 2 week Delivery

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Natural: In Stock, Ready to Ship!

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Pop Red: In Stock, Ready to Ship!

Red: LOW STOCK, Order Now To Ensure Availability

Rosewood: In Stock, Ready to Ship!

Saddle Tan: In Stock, Ready to Ship!

Receive a complimentary set of leather swatches to see the color and feel of our vegetable-tanned leather in person.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I have bought and been gifted a couple of Lotuff items but this wallet was my first. This morning I looked up my confirmation email to confirm what color it was and turns out the wallet is five years old. It is flawless, perfect, still after five years. If someone asked I would have guessed I had it for a year or two, tops. I am certainly not easy on my items, as evidenced by a small incident with fire, and will happily pay more to only have to buy once. Rarely do I anticipate actually only having to buy once. If I ever need a wallet again, this is exactly where I am coming, but based on the current wear and tear I can’t imagine I will be back here anytime soon. Cannot wait to continue my collection of other pieces of Lotuff art.

Austin Hill

I bought the magenta card holder and I love it. It's the perfect pop of color and holds my cards nice and tight. The leather feels very nice as well. I wasn't sure if I'd like a cardholder. but it fits easy in my pocket without all the bulk of a wallet.

Excellent Gift, Exactly As Described

Got this as a birthday gift and the recipient loved it. Very good quality and the perfect size for people who prefer slim wallets. You can hold quite a lot in there despite its compact dimensions. We're at about five cards along with some cash.

This was my first order from Lotuff and I was very impressed with how on top of communication the staff was. They were able to work with me to ensure the wallet would arrive on time and gave very frequent updates throughout the process.

Attention to detail is remarkable

I came across Lotuff while browsing for a leather card holder on the internet which led me to a Bloomberg Youtube video about Lotuff titled "Bringing Handmade Back to America". After watching this video I was sold on the brand. Lotuff's purpose, craftsmanship and pursuit of perfection in what they do is what makes this brand so great.

The cardholder itself is of exceptional quality. Very smooth and supple leather, and the stitching is of top quality. The size is compact but surprisingly can fit up to 4 cards and a few bank notes. I have had the wallet for a few weeks now and it is holding up well and I can tell it will also age very nicely.

One other thing that makes this brand so good is the personalisation. The day I received this wallet, the package included a handwritten card from Lotuff thanking me for my purchase. This made the purchase experience all that more special.

Perfect cardholder

I came across the lotuff leather credit card wallet at pop-up flee market in New York. I fell in love with the minimalistic yet sophisticated design of the wallet. I was a bit hesitant because I carry a lot of cards around, but this wallet proved to be a lifesaver. I fit about 6 cards, a metrocard and some cash in this tiny wallet. The quality of the leather does not decrease over time, which by the way is great! I always receive compliments and inquiries as to where I purchased the wallet. What made me love this wallet even more was that I got it monogrammed right then and there since I purchased it at the flea market. You cannot go wrong with this piece.