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About Us

A third-generation American manufacturer, co-founder Joe Lotuff has always believed that creating superior-quality goods fosters success and dignity. A de-emphasis on handcrafted items in a digital age coupled with the ubiquity of disposable products prompted Joe to create a company that could contemporarily celebrate artful craftsmanship. With items distinguished by timeless, understated designs, an uncompromising dedication to the best materials and construction, and a steadfast promise to do everything here in America, Lotuff Leather was born. 

It started small through a partnership with a talented team on the Connecticut coast. After some time, Joe and creative director Lindy McDonough, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, expanded Lotuff by opening an in-house design studio and workshop in Providence, Rhode Island. Here, in a previously dormant, beautiful brick studio, we work collectively to master our craft, expand our offerings, and support classic New England manufacturing.

We've grown this shop over the past two years in an unconventional way: training young, talented creatives in the methodical and painstaking ways of quality and craft for which we've come to be known. By emphasizing the importance of refined craft to a young generation eager to learn, we ensure that the art will not die out. 

We've learned that the finer things in life are not ultimately defined by a price tag or socially constructed prestige, but rather by the time, love, and thought that are invested in them. A well crafted life is one worth living, and this is just one of the many things that inspires us at Lotuff. From the leather itself to the stitching to the finishing techniques, no corners are cut and no tasks are rushed. We're unapologetic in this pursuit of handmade perfection, and we're grateful to share our passions with the world. 

We're happy to open the doors to our Providence studio to you, so if you're ever in the area, stop in and see for yourself what we do!