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A Lotuff bag begins its life when it is finished in our New England shop. From there, it travels across the world and ends up in the hands of happy owners from Manhattan to Sydney and all places in between. Owning one of our bags is a tangible experience, and we love to hear what you have to say about your own Lotuff experience, whether its the smell of the leather, the quality of our New England craftsmanship, or the stories you're creating with your bag.

"I received my English Leather Briefcase today, and I'm still in awe of its beautiful rich colour and its gorgeous suppleness. It's easily the most beautiful briefcase I've ever owned. I appreciate not only the classic lines of this briefcase, but also its roguish suggestion of adventures about to happen ...Just gorgeous, and made in New England—no way to improve on that sort of perfection." - On our English Briefcase
"It's now my everyday bag. I can find it in the morning without turning the lights on - it still smells so fabulous." - On our  Zip-Top Medium Tote
"I looked at a lot of bags. It's clear I made the right choice. The quality and workmanship are consistent with what I saw from Hermes, which was the other brand I was considering." - On our Duffle Travel Bag 
"Their small, navy duffle is the ideal size for a night or two on the road, and so damn pretty you won't want to beat it up, but it'll look better as you do. It's guaranteed for life... I mean, who does that anymore?" - Sean Hotchkiss, GQ, on our Small Duffle
"As soon as I took my bag out of the box, I was stunned. Sumptuous leather, amazing finish, and exceptional workmanship. This is truly a quality bag that will get many years of use. The simplicity and focus on details is what makes this bag stand out from the rest of the mass-produced, logo-covered bags. Quiet, discreet luxury is so much better than gauche items that scream 'look at me!'" - On our Working Tote
"I have to say that I am pleased with the duffle, my journey to find the perfect duffle bag took nearly two years, and I am happy I didn't settle for the other ones I considered." - On our Trunk Duffle Bag
"I've purchased leather goods from companies ranging from Vuitton to Hermes and nothing even compares to these pieces." - On our Bifold Wallet
"The luxurious simplicity of this bag is a treat in a world where everything is overdone. The leather finish is the best I have ever seen or owned." - On our Trunk Duffle Bag
"It's a fine bag - handsomely elegant in the simplest ways. I took the bag out west; to Denver, Boulder, Crestone and Taos. It carried well, and received several compliments. I recently used the bag on a trip to New York - where the world's finest bags sprout like weeds - and I'm happy to report that I didn't see a bag I'd have traded for. ... It's simple - the bag feels good and looks great." - On our Duffle Travel Bag
"Stunning leather quality, great craftsmanship and low-key elegance." - On our iPad Case
"It is a beautiful piece. Meticulous craftsmanship and highest quality of skill, labor and love are evident immediately upon handling it." - On our Lock Briefcase
"This briefcase is fantastic - the leather is beautiful, it's very sturdy, and the custom pocket inside is really perfect for me. I love that it's outstanding but it's understated. Fits me great all around. What more can I say?" - On our English Briefcase
"I looked long and hard for a duffle like this and was elated to find one that is actually made in the USA. The quality is superlative, not to mention it is really an excellent design - the best I've seen in fact. The handles are formed just right to fold into themselves and stay put, the straps are spaced correctly to keep weight distributed evenly, the leather is the right thickness and smells wonderful, the extra-long zipper is a fantastic idea, the shoulder strap is wide enough to be comfortable and the roughout backing keeps it from sliding around very effectively. I can't ask for more, it's the perfect duffle for me." - On our Duffle Travel Bag