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Leather Elixir


Product Description

Lotuff Leather Elixir gently cleans, conditions, and preserves fine finished leathers. Its wax-free formula removes surface dirt and enhances water resistance. Helps you keep your leather bags soft and clean for years to come.

How to care for your Lotuff Leather bag

Daily dirt and spills are best cleaned if and as they happen. While a simple damp cloth is perfect for most cases, it can become necessary to use a gentle cleaner or conditioner specifically for leather. 

We recommend a wax-free leather conditioner that has been specially formulated to gently clean, condition, and preserve vegetable tanned and finished leathers, such as Lotuff Leather's Elixir.

Follow manufacturer instructions. Apply with a clean, soft cloth. Always test on a hidden area. Do not use waxes or silicone formulas as these leather preparations impair the ability of the leather to "breathe."

Receive a complimentary set of leather swatches to see the color and feel of our vegetable-tanned leather in person.

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