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Red American Alligator Credit Card Wallet


Red Alligator

We can emboss your initials on your new Lotuff piece to make it truly your own. Please write in the order of your first initial, middle, and last initials. If you’d like, you can forego a middle initial. Each letter is capitalized and in the same size and font. A monogram adds $50 to your order. Provided the item you order is in stock, there is no added lead time if you opt for the monogram.

Product Information

Distinguished by a design that folds leather back upon itself to create an interior finish equal to the exterior, our Credit Card Wallet holds up to three cards in each slot and still allows room for a few bills in the center pocket.

This version is handmade out of exquisite American alligator, with a fully leather lined interior. 

It is small enough to discreetly ride in your hip pocket when you only need the essentials. 


Height 3.00 inches

Width 4.00 inches

Depth 0.25 inches

Product Details


Please know this information changes daily based on what pieces finish in our in-house studio and which pieces sell! Questions on specific lead times and availability? E-mail us: 

Black: LOW STOCK, Ready To Ship!

Electric Blue: Pre-Order for Spring 2021 Delivery

Red: Pre-Order for Spring 2021 Delivery 

Receive a complimentary set of leather swatches to see the color and feel of our vegetable-tanned leather in person.

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