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American Craftsman: Alexander Olch

By Lindy


Joe and I were traveling in New York this past week, and I commented about how he always likes to wear this particular navy tie, and asked why that is? The tie is a nice Bright navy  jacquard, with small golden yellow flowers. His response of course is that he likes it best, and that you really don’t need many ties, as long as you have the right one. So in the search of the “right one” I’m writing this morning about a wonderful American Tie Maker: Mr Alexander Olch. Mr. Olch is based on island of Manhattan, making ties which are unique because of their old world craftsmanship, yet relatable: if you’re lucky, your father passed down a couple ties like these, to you.

Signature styles include traditional Handmade Seersuckers, and the perfect Gingham bow tie, for the summer.

Bridging the generation gap with his look book photography.

As for finding the “right tie” I think this is it. (very similar I must say to Joe’s tie this weekend) The “Superfine English Repp Silk” jacquard ties, are traditional yet charming, and can go with any suit and with any shirt. Simple.

The Designer at work.

visit his site: