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Harry Benson, New York, New York

By Gregory Moniz

Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow at Truman Capote's Ball. The Plaza Hotel, 1965. Harry Benson. 

Tomorrow marks the release of a collection of Harry Benson's celebrated photographs of New York society from the 1960s until today. New York, New York, as it's called, shows that Benson has been there for it all. He made it to Caroline Kennedy's Cape Cod wedding and watched over Truman Capote's ball at the Plaza Hotel. He's been invited into the homes of Andy Warhol and George Plimpton. He's hobnobbed with taste makers and debutantes, larger than life politicians and characters that have turned the ordinary into legendary.

It's a stunning collection, and an interesting capture of the evolution of society and 'Society' in New York City through the second half of the twentieth century.