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The Modus Operandi: Stitching the Bridle Compass Lock Briefcase

By Lotuff Leather

In our design studio today, the smaller pieces of our Bridle Compass Lock Briefcase that were cut late last week are being stitched. These pieces comprise assorted pockets, sides, and zipper closures. So, in other words, we give even the tiniest and least visible components of this bag the same attention as the more evident ones for the sake of longevity (and aesthetics).

Lotuff Leather Stitching the Bridle Compass Lock Briefcase

Bridle leather is much smoother than the average hide, which makes it glide right through the sewing machine, but also means it can easily slip out of place with the slightest movement. Because its texture is so glossy and uniform, there are no second chances if a stitch happens to be made out of place- the whole piece will essentially be ruined. The Compass Lock and all the other designs in our bridle collection are harder to stitch for that reason, but when they’re completed, it’s all worth it. 

Lotuff Leather Stitching the Bridle Compass Lock Briefcase

After these pieces are fully stitched, they’ll be checked for consistency and their knots will be hand-tied. Next, those knots will be turned and burned one-by-one, ensuring they’ll never come loose or untied, while the larger Compass Lock pieces take their place at the sewing machine. 


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