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Bringing Handmade Back to America

We lovingly hand-make each piece using the best methods, leathers, and materials we know. Each step, from start to finish, is deliberate and methodical. From sourcing the best leather we could find in the global market to cutting, stitching, painting, and assembling precisely in our Providence, Rhode Island studio, we strive for perfection, not expediency. After all, many customers often look back on their purchase and routinely tell us that they are more satisfied now than on that first day they received their bag. We also believe you must invest in the best people in order to create the best leather bags. Our team attends to every step in-house to provide well made, well designed leather goods that function practically and...

Our Guarantee

Our efforts manifest themselves in multiple ways—not the least of which is our product guarantee and your absolute satisfaction. We guarantee every Lotuff Leather product against material and workmanship defect throughout its life. If your purchase does not live up to your expectations, you are entitled to a full refund or exchange within 30 days of receiving your product. Every Lotuff Leather piece is individually embossed with a unique number, creating a piece unlike any other and allowing us to swiftly repair if ever needed. Be sure to register your bag at: LOTUFFLEATHER.COM/REGISTER

Our Providence Studio

In 2013, we opened our studio in Providence, Rhode Island, a place with a storied history of industrial might and a city that has become known as "America's Creative Capital." Our in-house studio is unique in its approach. We’re inspired by the history, traditions, and practices of some of the best European ateliers and are seeking to create this same dedication to quality on American soil. Our design team knows not only how to design a bag but can also walk over to the studio floor and personally hand-make it from start to finish. This symbiotic relationship between design and production results in a bag unlike anything else--both inherently usable and incredibly beautiful.   Many members of our team are young,...

The Weekender